Saturday, May 17, 2008

The 500th post

The Cure in 1980, circa Seventeen Seconds, their sophomore album which gave this blog its' name.

Well, here we are, twenty-two months later, the five hundreth post.

Quite a few interviews done (and several still to be written up), a lot of music reviewed, a bit of ranting, and some nice words in the Guardian. It's been a labour of love at times, but I'm grateful to the support I've had from readers, friends and family (not that these are necessarily mutually exclusive), and particularly the wonderful Mrs. 17 Seconds. She has waited patiently whilst I grappled with technology, for that five minute post that has turned into an hour, shared the frustration, and been as supportive as anyone could wish. When we met the Vinyl Villain in Glasgow a couple of months back, he quipped: 'So what's it like being married to an obsessive, then?' to which she replied: 'Well, everyone's obssessive about something, aren't they?.' When I started this blog, we had yet to get cats...or even get married. Life, eh?

Some of my friends have asked if the blog's raison d'etre is to publicise new scottish music. This is only part of it, but it's definitely a part of it:

Bricolage -'Our Fire's Electric.' mp3

I've also enjoyed posting weird and wonderful, well-known and painfully obscure covers, and this is probably unlikely to stop. Hell, I've heard a lot of stuff since I started this. But it's also enabled me to focus on stuff I loved before, too:

The Slits -'I Heard I Through The Grapevine.' mp3

This seems to be the most-downloaded track from the blog:

Primal Scream - 'Velocity Girl.' mp3

Many thanks is due to fellow bloggers who have put in links to this site, mentioned me, left feedback and got me in the position that I seem to get several people reading this blog per day. Whilst I would love this to increase, it's nice to know that just because only a handful of people leave responses, people are still reading it. There's too many people to thank, but heck, you know who are you, and may you have a nice glow inside for the rest of the weekend.

Should I focus on just one type of music? Well, no, my record collection doesn't and I don't see why the blog should. I'm actually rather proud that the blog has featured stuff including classical, jazz, hip-hop, disco, death metal...oh, and a fair bit of scottish indie, too. I've done a lot of posts relating to stuff that John Peel championed, and by way of very humble tribute, I've tried to keep alive in my own small way a highlighting of new music, and unsigned acts. But I despise snobbery, and I don't see why I shouldn't mention bands that are established and successful.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I've posted this before, but as it's the song that gave this blog its' name, it's only fitting I should post it again. It's lasted longer than the club night I ran of the same name.

The Cure -'Seventeen Seconds.' mp3


Chris said...

Hi Ed...great post as always, and congrats on the 500th!

Ed said...

Thanks Chris, hope you're well!


Terry said...

Ed...congrats on the milestone. Still one of the best out there. Keep up the great work and thanks for the effort.

Ed said...

Aw, cheers!

Thank you. May this ocntinue for a while...

So It Goes said...

Happy 500th, Eduardo, to one of the most engaging, ecelectic and freindliest bloggers in the sphere. Our phone chats are also something treasurable: it's wonderful to be able to put a voice to the text. My very best wishes...Steve.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed
just keep doing what you're doing. I don't enjoy every post - and I'm actually glad about that. The surprise element is what makes this blog much better than most.
I've always enjoyed a wide-range of musical genres (thanks JP for my education) and it's nice to see a blog which goes beyond tightly-defined musical boundaries.
Congrats on post 500, may there be many more.

Ed said...

sig?Steve -Thank you muchly, and look forward to chatting soon. And for all the gaps in the Peel Festive fifties that you have supplied. Very, very grateful!

LSI -hell, no-one's going to enjoy every post, but I'm glad this doesn't feel predictable. and glad for all the feedback from Italy!


Anonymous said...

Many Congratulations, Ed.

500 posts and long may it continue.

One of my favourite blogs and I hope to have the opportunity to read your next 500 posts!

Quite simply, Ed: Thank you.


Ed said...

Cheers, Gav -and don't forget to keep me posted on what Letterbox are up to, as well.


Adam said...

Brilliant stuff - another vibrant busy and hardworking blog that makes me feel like a rank amateur. And a by the way...did you uncover the Working Week songs? I tried to send you the versions I had but your email inbox bounced them back at me. they're here if you want them still, 12" jazz dance version and 7" bossa version.

Dirk said...


17 Seconds - along with Burning World and JC's Vinyl Villain - was one of the very first blogs I read (which, in fact, I still do nearly every day) and a true inspiration for me to make up one by my own. So thank's a lot, congratulations on post #500 ... and keep up the brilliant work!

All the very best,

Dirk from Sexyloser (

Tall J said...

Congrats on 500! 17 Seconds is one of my favorite albums.

Anonymous said...

D'oh! I meant to leave a comment on Saturday congratulating you on your 500th post, but life got in the way. Keep up the good work--checking 17 Seconds is part of my daily required reading now.
Thanks so much!

Ed said...

Thank you to you all. Earlier this week was emailed by a reader setting up their own blog who wated advice -'Bigger Than The Sound'. It's flattering to know that folks are taking inspiration from me.


Ed Seconds