Monday, May 12, 2008

Should you go and see reformed bands?

Well a couple of years back (already six, apparently) Television played Edinburgh and they were fantastic. A couple of years later they played the Arches in Glasgow and were still pretty damn good. In fact that year, I also saw The Dead Kennedys, Blondie, The Pixies and Morrissey (twice, in the case of the last act). I never saw Echo and the Bunnymen in their heyday, but I have seen them three times since they reformed and they were still amazing, as far as I was concerned.

Television - 'Marquee Moon.' mp3 (the full ten minutes version)

And The Police have also reformed. Given the ticket prices, I wasn't even going to bother, but whilst it's easy to slag off most of Sting's solo career (and Dune, a David Lynch film I find very hard to watch, in fact I find it easier to watch Eraserhead) they did have some redeeming features. Like this debut single: 'Fall Out'/'Landlord.'

The Police -'Fall Out.' mp3

The Police -'Landlord.' mp3

As to which band I'd most like to see reform and play live dates, in Scotland? Oh Lord. Heresy as it might be, The Smiths (yeah, well, I didn't see them the first time round, did I?) Kate Bush, if she'd like to play live again. And while I'm having my final rant of the day, given that Ash are playing their debut LP 1977 in London and Echo and the Bunnymen are playing their Ocean Rain LP in New York. Which is great -but what about the rest of us?

And yeah, of course I want to see new up and coming bands -but the two are not mutually exclusive to regular gig goers. Sigh...

Anyway the three tracks above are a birthday present to two friends of mine. You know how you are!


Anonymous said...

those songs are the best thing the tantric twat has ever done, i like a bit of the polices stuff but became increasingly disenchanted as he stuck his head fimrly up his arse and remained there, still this single stands are a great 5 minutes. I've sent you the courtney love tribute from american geek punks nerf herder, let me know if you get it. i'll send more if i have any stuff that may be of interest

Jim said...

I saw Ash in Glasgow the week before 1977 came out, so I can live without it again :)

Somehow that makes me feel quite old though.

Anonymous said...

It seems alot of bands are reforming for the summer, The Vaselines who are playing near mine and Butthole Surfers - both i will hopefully see. Eraserhead is a great film!

So It Goes said...

Had any problems with Media Fire, Eduardo? I can't seem to download anything from them (see my latest post).

Ed said...

A.J. -The song was great, and I'm always up for hearing new (even if just to me) things

Jim -Saw Ash about a year or so later at Glastonbury, and enjoyed them hugely. the next time I saw them they had Charlotte Hatherley and a DJ onstage (the latter didn't seem to last long!)

S.Willis -knew the Vaselines were doing one or two gigs, great to know Butthole Surfers are reforming too.

sig -Can still download-will none of your files work?