Monday, October 27, 2008

Thank the Lord

(Bet Che wouldn't have taken any crap from people purporting to represent artists and exploiting folk!)

A couple of days ago, I was deeply concerend when Steve at Teenage Kicks was going to pull the plug on his excellent John Peel-inspired blog.

To my intense relief, he has announced he will continue.

So in honour of Steve, and his immaculately researched blog, this is the Undertones' Teenage Kicks, (yes, John Peel's favourite ever song, I think we all know that now!)

This is not a long post from me, I've spent an hour and a half marking...

Undertones - 'Teenage Kicks.' mp3

By the way, this has appeared at Condemned to rock roll which makes for great reading.


david said...

Get in there Ed!
The people united will never be defeated!

Ed said...

Hell yeah.

Together we stand, divided we fall.

The socialist parallels in the ridiculous situation that has nveloped over the last week should not be underestimated.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this because of the excellent Teenage Kicks blog but also as a thumbing of my nose at Feargal Sharkey... foolow the link and you'll see why..

So It Goes said...

Cheers Ed for all your support. I feel as though I'm walking on air!!

entrailicus said...

I'm downloading it just to spite the bastards.

Check out Steve's excellent sneaky move to fly under the radar.

Got a new podcast ready, featuring a certain band currently on the 17 seconds label. Will let you know more when it's on FiS.

Ed said...

for a kid who grew up in the Bogside in Derry, Fergal Sharkey would appear to have forgotten his background completely.

Steve - you are, as ever, very welcome,

Adam/entrailicus -keep me posted, I am looking forward to it!

dickvandyke said...

You beat me to it with you last comment ed. I first saw The Undertones 30 years ago when a shabby-Parker'd Feargal warbled into our working class consciousness. He was one-of-us (albeit a little odd).

The sharp suit, PA and PDA I don't mind so much. The attitude and beliefs I do.

entrailicus said...

It's on the blog now. That really is a great track. I wish all the best for 17 seconds records, Aberfeldy and anything else you get involved in.

You provided about half of the material for the latest podcast, so many thanks.

The post doesn't look very snazzy, as blogspot blogs are currently banned in Turkey and, although I can access the blog by other means, I wasn't able to add pics or html links, which was a real pisser.

Ctelblog said...

Posting The Undertones is fighting talk. You'll be hearing from Mr Sharkey very soon.

Dirk said...

Dear Ed,

alas I don't have a clue what we could do to protect ourselves against BMR and the other organisations involved, but one thing is for sure: simply giving up cannot be the answer! Therefore I am very glad indeed to read here that Steve and you have decided to continue.

If Ctelblog is right, this might well be my last comment here, 'cos I decided to do a little Undertones - posting as well yesterday on Sexyloser *smile* ... curious to know what Feargal might think of it ...

Keep On Keepin' On, friends ...


Ed said...

DVd -my sentiments exactly

Entrailicus -thank you cannot wait to hear it!

Ctelblog -if he wants a word with me, he can have it, face to face

Dirk -thanks for your support too!

Solidarity comrades, solidarity!

So It Goes said...

Cheers for sending me the link to CTRR. Believe it or not, this has all brought back my enthusiasm for blogging, far from dampening it. DMCA, you fucking lose and always will when you've got heroes like Ed Jupp against you.
P.S. I didn't lose the Beatles material, and will repost as soon as the 10-14 business days required by the DMCA have expired. Sit on my finger time.
P.P.S. The word verification I'm now required to enter is, most appropriately, 'nonces'. Who said Google don't have a sense of humour?
P.P.P.S. er, me.

Ed said...

looking forward to reading it again, it was and is a brilliant post!