Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Album Review: The Present

The Present -'World I See' (LoAF Recordings)

*Sigh* I have really, really struggled with this album. I have now played this three times and I have to confess, I like it less and less with each listen.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy listening to challenging music. I enjoy the work of noise artists like Merzbow, Yellow Swans and of course, Wolf Eyes; albums this year from the likes of David Grubbs, Hair Police and Fuck Buttons have been challenging but they make for rewarding listens. This on the other hand, seems like the soundtrack to someone going mad.

It's received plaudits from the likes of Gang Gang Dance, and Panda Bear, people whose work I enjoy too. Whilst it may be trampling on musical boundaries, it's also trampling on me too. Whilst a track like 'Stabbed In The Face' by Wolf Eyes may attack the listener, there's still something that grabs you. If this is the world they see, then that's as maybe, but I don't want it in my head.


World I See is out now on LoAF recordings.

Have I been unfair? Stream the album here and make up your own mind.


simon said...

Thanks for this article - another new band I've come across thanks to blogs!!! Took your advice and am listening to streamed album now. I think it sounds fantastic - just as accessible as fuck buttons (saw them at green man festival - brilliant) & even leaning towards four tet territory on occasions, BUT definitely close to 23 Skidoo or even Alternative TVs 'Vibing up the Senile Man' album, which is real genius!!

Thanks again & full support against the cold dead hand of the censor....

Ed said...

Oh well, glad you got more out of it than me! Maybe links to fully streamed albums is the way forward, until the full Orwellian nightmare kicks in...