Thursday, October 09, 2008

Album Review: Beatglider

Beatglider - 'Witches' (Enraptured)

Shoegazing -let's not shy away from that word here -is known in the US of A as dreampop. And that makes sense when you listen to a record like the third album from Beatglider. Not only does their name evoke My Bloody Valentine, but the sounds -and I mean this as a compliment - definitely owe much to those seminal albums Isn't Anything and Loveless.

Another influence on this wee gem of an album is Fotheringay, the fabulously flawed band fronted by Sandy Denny after she left Fairport Convention and before she embarked on a solo career. There's an influence of Pagan imagery here too, though I'm going to have to put my hand up and admit that that's something I'm far from an authority on. It's a very English sounding record and beautifully dreamy.

Will it change the perceptions of those who are not heavily into dreampop/shoegazing? Sadly, probably not - but that's their loss. For those of us who like to focus on their music and almost live in their soundtracks, this is a record for the likes of us. It's a record that seems to live in another place in time, rather than being retro, existing in its' own little world, and all the better for it.


Beatglider website/myspace


JuzNik said...

From your description they sound exactly like my cuppa joe. Although have to say... dashed annoying website they've got :(

JuzNik said...

Actually, addendum to previous comment, having gone to have a listen to them on Myspace (ugh) they remind me a lot more of Midlake than anything more shoegazery. Wouldn't say pagany (and I can with some degree of authority :p) but more simply, outdoorsy ;)

But of course that was only listening to the 5 tracks available. Will definitely be keen to check out the whole album for a proper listen ;)

Hope you and Mrs 17S are well :) xx

Ed said...

...their press release mentioned Pagan imagery, but i know very little about it. This is not meant as an insult or snub to those who follow Wicca or consider themselves Pagans!