Monday, October 20, 2008

RIP - The Long Blondes

Gutted to discover that the Long Blondes, who topped that ultimate barometer of taste, the inaugural 17 Seconds Festive Fifty in 2006 have split.

Not because of the usual 'musical differences' or because someone wanted to pursue a solo career. Sadly, guitarist Dorian Cox suffered a stroke in June and is unsure when he will be well enough to play again. Read more about it all NME and at their myspace site.

17 seconds extends sympathy to Dorian and all concerned and hopes he will recover soon.

Was going to post 'Weekend Without Make Up' the song that topped the list but decided to go with the opening number from this year's Couples. It's a great album and I've not really mentioned it much here.
Long Blondes -'Century.' mp3


Simon said...

I just heard about this yesterday. It's the sort of news that you want to be because of musical differences or something stupid. Not the seriousness of this. I'll add to the best wishes.

Ed said...

Thanks, Simon. There star did burn brightly for a while, and I'm gutted I never saw them play live. Ah well...