Saturday, October 18, 2008

Album Review: Fucked Up

Fucked Up -'The Chemistry Of Modern Life.' (Matador).

And, damn it, Matador just keep on doing it! This is the second album from the Toronto band with the moniker unlikely to trouble daytime radio (at least in the UK, wheer we can be frightfull uptight and repressed about that sort of thing) and it just adds to the lebgthy list of great albums that the label have released this year. To say nothing of adding to a frighteningly long list of music released over the last half decade by the band themselves.

FU don't have a myspace, which seems pretty damn radical and anti-establishment in 2008. Hell, to describe Fucked Up is to flail around for descriptions only to find that they're far from water tight. They are a hardcore punk band, who have released tracks that are eighteen minutes long and used multitracking. Opener 'Son The Father' starts off with flutes, for goodness sake. If you think Hardcore means anti-melodic, short bursts of noise, and worthy but inaudible lyrics, then FU have come to change your perception on all of that. They're punks at heart, but they bring punk, and hardcore punk at that, a reinvigorated feeling. This is an album that does not stop for breath, but contains as much invention as you could hope for from a Flaming Lips album.

Having made it onto the cover of NME and gained a fair amount of coverage, there will be no doubt those who scream sellout. (usually whilst funded by a trust fund). Each repeated play reveals something new. From it's opener onwards, onto first single 'No Epiphany' and the closing title track, this album is sure to feature in many of the year's best of lists. And it has earned its' place.


Fucked Up -'No Epiphany.' mp3

Fucked Up -'Twice Born.' mp3

The Chemistry Of Modern Life is out now on Matador.


So It Goes said...

Ed, don't you think that the inclusion of a naughty word in their name is just a little redolent of an attempt to gain media attention? But then, I suppose you'll say that if the music's good, it doesn't matter. Oh well. Having just listened to 'No Epiphany', memories of the New York Dolls and Ride somehow flood in. Not bad, but then not that good either, IMHO. Bet Peel would have played them, just so he could say 'And tomorrow night's session is from Fucked Up', in his mock-casual manner of trying to pretend it's not a curse.
By the way, why don't the lads like Epiphany? We had a local church that always held a carol concert on 6 January.

Ed said...

I'll have to go through the lyrics for that one, Steve...and yes, of course the use of an expletive grabs media attention, if they're savvy enough it'll pay off!

Michael said...

Thanks, but if we're going to champion any band who with references to knitting in their name, my weight goes behind Fuck Buttons. Interested to see how they do supporting the 'Gwai later this week.

Ed said...

Am heading off to see the 'gwai/buttons gig tonight. Street Horrrsing is definitely one of the best albums I've heard this year.