Sunday, October 05, 2008

Album Review: Eugene Francis Jr

Eugene Francis Jr -'The Golden Beatle.' (Legion)

Umm, I'm feeling a little bit bad about this. A few months ago I wrote about Eugene Francis, after his record company had been in touch, sent a few mp3s etc.. And I wanted to hear more, and so I asked for the album to be sent and it was...

...and the problem is that I just find this fairly boring. Alright, so the cover art doesn't help. Nor does the title. but even if i'd been sent this in a plain cover nd it had been an untitled release, I still would have to say the same thing: this is a fairly boring album. It's not hideously awful, like The Chap's latest release, but it just doesn't do anything. The production makes it feel fairly safe, there's no wow factor. It's fine as background music, but when you start to pay attention to it (which if you're reviewing it, I reckon that you SHOULD be), after a couple of tracks it starts to get fairly annoying.

So yes, I asked for it to be sent. I'm sure blood, sweat and tears have gone into this. But it just leaves me cold.


Eugene Francis Jr -'The Beginners.' mp3

Eugene Francis Jr's myspace

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