Sunday, October 05, 2008

Album Review: Nik Freitas

Nik Freitas -'Sun Down' (Affairs Of The Heart records)

Every so often, along comes a record that has no pretensions, but just gets on and does its' job and is wonderful in itself. And right now, that record is the latest album from Nik Freitas.

Recently on tour in the UK playing guitar for Conor Oberst as part of his Mystic Valley Band, there are certain parallels with the sound of Mr. Oberst and his alter-ego Bright Eyes. But one thing Nik Freitas has over Coor Oberst is that his voice seems less strained, and somehow more natural. In fact, natural is very much the style of the record. Nothing seems forced here, and even the epic moments don't seem too grandiose. And that's a real feat.

This album has been written, played, engineered and produced every note by Nik Freitas. Now that's what I call independent. Right from the opening notes of the album's opener, the title track, this is an album that doesn't mess about and gives us a nice warm feeling when it comes to an end forty minutes later. It doens't re-write the rulebook, or sonicallly challenge you, but sometimes you don;t want that anyway.

Make sure you check it out.


Nik Freitas' webpage/Nik Freitas' myspace

Sun Down is released on October 6 on Affairs of The Heart Records

Nik Freitas -'Sun Down.' mp3

Nik Freitas -'Sophie.' mp3

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