Monday, December 31, 2007

Getting excited for 2008 Part 3

Alan McGee has called these guys the best band out of Liverpool since the Bunnymen/Wah! era, and he is absolutely right. These guys are, amazingly, unsigned (maybe it's time the record companies were just pushed aside, as when you consider who is signed and who isn't, it makes less sense than ever).

They have three tracks on their MySpace to downlaod, so here they are.

The Grants -'I Am The One.' mp3

The Grants -'I don't Care.' mp3

The Grants -'Nothing To Lose.' mp3

Pop along to their MySpace, make friends with them and spread the word.


Anonymous said...

What with these, Glasvegas, Foals etc, it's like 1986 all over again, by the sound of it.

another anonymous said...

good point, anonymous. if the future is there to be created, why does it sound like the past?

anaemic indie rock yawn

as for best liverpool band since the bunnymen/wah/teardrop i disagree 100%

Carcass or the Wild Swans would get that honour. Probably Carcass though, cos their songs had great titles like "Diseased Septum" and "Accelerated Tissue Necrosis"

Ed said...

Each to their own, never got into Carcass much, though Heartwork was a good song.

BTW, what's with all the anonymity?


Jon said...

I like the first song a lot. These days, its okay to wear your influences on your sleeves, it makes it easier to get noticed. We won't really know anything until we hear a full length album. Good find anyway...

Anonymous said...

No anonymity intended :)

By the way, this is a great blog.

Always worth checking, and even if the music doesn't move me, there's always something new.

Here's to a good 2008.

cheers, Craig C

Ed said...

Jon -glad you like it, and good to hear from you!

Craig C -glad you like the blog, and a good 2008 to both of you!


Ben Etc said...

Eh-up, nowt left by the time I got here. I heard one via a youtube clip though and I think there was a Hotel California guitar solo in it which was a bit flinch-worthy and you wouldn't catch the Coral or Clinic playing with. Oh, did I just mention two ace bands that Mister McGee seems to have forgotten?

Anyway, I am not the anonymous poster in case it was like me on a Lightsabre Chump attack.

Looking forward to hearing more of these chaps. But all in good time. Today is the first day I heard the Clean and it was lovely. Meanwhile am in midst of standing up for the honour of a Malaysian indie band who got a critical mauling by the clueless press here - which would be fine if there weren't repercussions.

Ben Etc said...

Since heard Grants round their Myspace way. No wonder you were looking forward to 2008.

Aforementioned Malaysian band: Ferns