Monday, December 03, 2007

Songs For Christmas III

Just a quick one today, your song for today is a comparative 'newie' a download-only song by the Knife.

The Knife -'Christmas Reindeer.' mp3

Hope you're well...


Micky67 said...

You've got to post Mogwai's "Xmas Steps' simply because it rocks!

Ed said...

Believe me, a Mogwai post is coming up!

So It Goes said...

Yes, thanks, Eduardo, I'm fine, after spending all morning slaving over a hot keyboard, putting together TWO Mogwai posts...and then I read this...could have saved myself the trouble!!!
My wife tells me this quirky and evocative song sounds like Kate Bush: what do you think?

Ed said...

Oh, sorry!! great minids think alike, I guess. Don't post 'we wish for you a protein Christmas' by The Fall, or Kate or Siouxsie in the next few weeks.

As for the song by The Knife; I do hear a bit of Kate in that song, though not necessarily in everything they do.