Friday, December 14, 2007

Songs For Christmas XIV

Two very different tracks for you today.

I'm not aware of many Hip-Hop Christmas tracks (note: I didn't say there weren't many, I said I wasn't aware of many, which is something else entirely). This one dates from about 1986 or 1987, I think, as a kid at school stuck it on a tape for me (as in when I was at school, not the kids I teach, who are probably now only vaguely aware of either cassettes or Run DMC). Anyway, this is Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis:

Run DMC -'Christmas in Hollis.' mp3

As to whether this track is a Christmas one...well, it was a Christmas no.1 for East 17 and it sounded vaguely Christmassy, and maps have stuck this out as a free download. Only became aware of this today, but I rather like it.

Maps -'Stay Another Day.' mp3

There will be more Christmas stuff on here, for those of you interested in that sort of stuff, and when I finally work them out, my albums of the year. I got taken to task earlier for not including Arcade Fire in my Festive Fifty. Is it some kind of unwritten rule amongst mp3 bloggers that we have to praise them above all other bands?! Oh well, see you soon...


Mike said...

Brilliant post, was looking for both songs; East 17 can get to France (as long as the maps version is any good).

I am making a 2-disc christmas mix set this year and your blog has been really interesting, so thanks!

Ed said...

You're welcome, always pleased to have readers and appreciative comments!


Micky67 said...

wasn't taking you to task about Arcade Fire, just surprised there were no songs from 'Neon Bible' in your list. It's a shame that is the way you percieved my comment. Because I am also sure I was fairly appreciative of your list too. As I am with all the comments I leave here

Ed said...

Hi Micky

it certainly wasn't you i was accusing you of taking me to task about Arcade Fire, it was a poster after you who didn't leave their name and said it was a crime i hadn't included them.