Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Songs For Christmas V

Hello folks, here is today's instalment.

First of all, another instalment from Scandinavia. This song is great, and it deserves to become one of those perennials, IMHO:

Mew -'She Came Home For Christmas.' mp3

The Christmas album (the concept, as opposed to just Low's album) seems to be much bigger in the US than it is over here in Scotland and the rest of the UK. I haven't heard the whole album, but this was released by Brian Wilson a couple of years ago, as a 7" single too:

Brian Wilson -'What I Really Want For Christmas.' mp3

And a Brian Wilson-related song from over forty years ago...

Beach Boys -'Little Saint Nick.' mp3

And don't forget to drop by here tomorrow, there'll be more treats. Heading in the direction of the USB turntable armed with White Stripes, Waitresses and Wedding Present...


So It Goes said...

We HAVE to talk, Eduardo...White Stripes? Waitresses??? I was going to feature those!!!
'Spose I'll have to be more creative rofl!!

Ed said...

Will email ya, though you did both Mogwai AND the Cocteau twins- guess great minds think alike, eh!