Sunday, December 09, 2007

Songs For Christmas IX

(Flaming Lips)

Here is today's instalment. Just a quick post (though I have already had my Mum on the 'phone worrying that I'm spending so much time blogging that I can't be talking to mrs. 17 seconds enough). Don't worry, I am!

Flaming Lips - 'A Change At Christmas (Say It Ain't So).' mp3

Flaming Lips -'Christmas At the Zoo.' mp3

Arcade Fire -'The Christmas Song.' mp3

Arcade Fire - 'Jinglebell Rock.' mp3

as ever, more to follow tomorrow...



So It Goes said...

Great songs, Eduardo...where's your email, then, you scoundrel?? not wishing to incur your wife's wrath ;-)).

jcroach said...

Great post. Can you repost the tracks? And the Belle and Sebastian ones?

Ed said...

sig -have emailed u, but let me know if you don't get it!

jcroach -you should now be able to download the tracks.