Thursday, December 27, 2007

A late Christmas Present

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mrs. 17 Seconds and I did, and we received some great presents, as well as giving them, and they weren't all music either!

However, did receive a new mp3 from the Futureheads on Christmas Day, called 'Crash', (no, not The Primitives song!) so thought I would share this with you all:

The Futureheads -'Crash.' mp3

I posted this a few months ago, this was the free mp3 they gave away a few months ago:

Futureheads -'Broke Up The Time.' mp3

Really looking forward to the new album when it comes out.

Also, although I have removed the links to the Christmas stuff I posted, I did receive one request to re-post the Wedding Present tracks, so here you go:

Wedding Present - 'No Christmas.' mp3

Wedding Present -'Step Into Christmas.' mp3

Hope you're all well, wherever you may be...


Krup said...

you rock! thanks for reposting the gedge & co. tracks. and please explain to me why the futureheads have not blown up (in a good way) in the States? probably the same reason why xtc never really did either...

Ed said...

Krup -glad to have been of service.
As to why the Futureheads have never 'blown up' in the US -is it possible that they are just too quirky for a lot of people? This is not to slag America, but maybe people just find it hard to get a handle on 'em. Mind you, they got droppped in the UK after their second album, but are set to release a third album soon. Watch this space...

Mike said...

Thanks for the futureheads stuff, I saw them ages ago (either at the venue or liquid rooms..) and they were great, I recently started listening to them again so looking forward to these tracks!

Ed said...

I saw them at the venue in April
04, though they may have played Liquid Rooms subsequently. They certainly were fantastic.