Thursday, December 13, 2007

Songs For Christmas XIII

Here are today's contributions.

These two tracks, originally from their limited 1993 single Snow, are the Cocteau Twins' takes on two Christmas Classics. They have already been hosted over at I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, but I thought I would share them here too:

Cocteau Twins -'Frosty the Snowman.' mp3

Cocteau Twins -'Walking In A Winter Wonderland.' mp3

...and because it's nearly Christmas, why not the Jackson 5's take on Frosty, too?

Jackson 5 -'Frosty the Snowman.' mp3

And, as ever, there will be more tomorrow...


So It Goes said...

He he, Eduardo, very timely: I removed them yesterday as part of my two-week rule!! They got more than enough downloads bet6ween them to make a little chart of my downloads of the year that I'm putting together with an eye to another podcast...and you heard it hear first on 17 Seconds!!!

invisible said...

yo. i've included you in my HOliday Mix Roundup.

Thanks for the great tracks!

Ed said...

Glad you both enjoyed it!