Thursday, December 04, 2008

Countdown to Christmas Post #8

There is an argument that this evening's track, the opening one on Low's Christmas LP, is the best Christmas track to appear over the last ten years.

I haven't been blown away by Low's latest single 'Santa's Coming Over' though I like the b-side 'The Coming Of Jah.' Mormons from Minnesota covering reggae? Don't knock it...

Low -'Just Like Christmas.' mp3

And, I know I posted this last year, but what the hell...

Aberdeen City -'Just Like Christmas (Low cover).' mp3


Anonymous said...

I first heard this Low track on a compilation called 'It's A Cool, Cool Christmas' that Jeepster put out in 2000.

It blew the socks off every other track on the CD. No mean feat when you consider Teenage Fanclub, The Eels and Snow Patrol (prior to crawling up their own arse) were featured.

If you want to hear any tracks from the comp. just give me a shout.

Best wishes,


Ed said...

Cheers gav, I'd love to!