Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Countdown to Christmas Post #11

Is this one of the creepiest videos ever?

Low -'Santa's Coming Over.'

Boy am I glad I teach secondary (high school for American and Canadian readers).

Meanwhile, seeing as I am trying to tidy up some lose ends with this post, here is another Christmas Fall song:

The Fall -'Xmas with Simon.' mp3

Looking for the remix call 'Christmastide' which I do not own, and is not on either emusic or iTunes...


Bynar said...

Hi Ed, I really feel for you regarding the bloody censorship thing. Luckily, so far I've received complaints only from two bands (The Music, Dangerous Muse) that asked me (not politely I must say, but through their lawyers that threatened to take legal action etc.) to remove their music from my blog. This is rather funny though, as in both cases I didn't post single mp3s but included a couple of tracks in my 2-hour long mixed podcasts... No email from Blogger so far, but I'm pretty sure it'll arrive sooner or later. Anyway, just to make you feel better I've uploaded Christmastide from The Fall for you at


I think I've also got this as an mp3 @ 192Kbps somewhere but I can't locate it now. As soon as I find it I'll upload it for you. Keep up the good work,
greetings from Greece,


Bynar said...

The Fall - Christmastide (192 Kbps)