Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The second act to be signed to 17 Seconds Records
is Ex Lion Tamer. His first single for us will be a song called 'Neon Hearts' and very good it is, too.

However, before that, as an early Christmas present, he would like to share this fantastic song with you, that evokes Kraftwerk and Postal Service, along with much of the fine eighties electric pop that influenced him. It's called 'Life Support Machine.'

Ex Lion Tamer -'Life Support Machine.' mp3

Make friends with Ex Lion Tamer at his myspace, and if you haven't popped by to the 17 Seconds website or myspace, do so!

Feedback welcome, as ever...


How Marvellous... said...

I like this a lot, maybe the looong fade-out's a bit err long, but picky me eh.

one of those songs where I think, ah yes, heard it before & it's great, only to find I never did 'til today; a kind of instant familiarity & fondness.

southfield cowboy said...

nice track, sound almost christmassy in the long fade... the boy needs to get out more, in the best possible sense!!