Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas no.2?

OK, the likelihood of stopping Alexandra Burke being Christmas no.1 is alas, something I do not have the power to do, unfortunately, but it looks like Jeff Buckley could have a massive smash, with a song that's not even physically released.

See the promo video here.

And yes, it's a Leonard Cohen song. There is, apparently, a facebook group of people committed to buying the song as performed by Jeff Buckley, so let's see what people can achieve. BTW anyone know what happened to Brigyn and their fantastic version in Welsh?

And, seeing as he wrote it: Leonard Cohen's version:

And Rufus Wainwright's version:

And because I'd feel guilty not including it, and because it was supposedly an influence on the way Jeff Buckley did it, John Cale's version:

Go and take on X-Factor. Nothing against Alexandra Burke, but because Simon Cowell is nearly as a big a threat to music as the DMCA and the RIAA!


JC said...

While I'm no fan of Simon Cowell, you cant be serious with the DMCA comment....

I dont care how many copies this sells....its all the more money for good ole Lenny C.

Ed said...

That's why I said 'nearly' not 'as big a threat!' Glad Lenny C will be making money, but want him to do it through songs that do his genius justice!

Hope you're well, Ed

dickvandyke said...

Simon Cowell don't really care for music - do he?

A friend was telling me of his days working with Mr Cowell.

Bereft of ideas, following his recording apex of 'So Macho' by Sinitta, he went into Woolworths one day and a middle aged shop asst lady on the record counter asked if he'd watched the previous night's episode of 'Soldier, Soldier". She told him it would be a really good idea to release a record of the popular actors Robson & Jerome's singing - as they had done as their characters in the drama series.

Unchained Melody by the housewives' favourite intrepid duo was the biggest selling single of the year ('95).

Many thanks for this post our kid.
Keep smiling through.

Ed said...

No worries...desperately feel that Cowell is a symptom of a celebrity-obssessed society. I know Andy warhol said that' In the future everyone will be famous for five minutes' but I don't think he meant it as something to aim for...

Huge Grunt said...

What happened to my post on this, was it censored?!