Saturday, December 20, 2008

17 Seconds' Top 75 Albums of the Year

Lord knows this has been a very difficult list to compile, but thank you everyone for the love and support you have shown this week.

1. Cave Singers Invitation Songs
2. Santogold Santogold
3. Benga Diary Of An Afro Warrior
4. Jaguar Love Take Me To The Sea
5. Meursault Pissing On Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues
6. The Bug London Zoo
7. The Cure 4:13 Dream
8. Shearwater Rook
9. Hanggai Introducing Hanngai
10. Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing
11. Fleet Foxes Sun Giant
12. Escape Act Loosely Based On Fiction
13. Crystal Stilts Alight Of Night
14. Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
15. Antony and the Johnsons Another World
16. Earth The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
17. HK119 Fast, Cheap And Out Of Control
18. James Hey, Ma
19. Jamie Liddell Jim
20. Boris Smile
21. Melvins Nude With Boots
22. Neon Neon Stainless Style
23. Mogwai The Hawk Is Howling
24. Jason McNiff In My Time
25. Matmos Supreme Balloon
26. Presets Apocalypso
27. Spiritualized Songs in A & E
28. RTX JJ Got Live RaTX
29. Sunn o))) Domkirke
30. Times New Viking Rip It Off
31. Dark Captain Light Captain Miracle Kicker
32. Cat Power Jukebox
33. Beatglider Witches
34. Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
35. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
36. Fucked Up The Chemistry Of Modern Life
37. Baby Dee Safe Inside The Day
38. Giant Sand Provisions
39. Lambchop OH (Ohio)
40. Ladyhawke Ladyhawke
41. Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid
42. Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
43. Yo Majesty Futuristically Speaking...Never Be Afraid
44. Mark Stewart Edit
45. Stereolab Chemical Chords
46. Sons and Daughters This Gift
47. British Sea Power Do You Like Rock Music?
48. Martina Topley-Bird The Blue Bird
49. Tricky Knowle West Boy
50. Residents The Bunny Boy
51. Dom DeLuca Birds Of Worry
52. Chris Bradley Voices
53. Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Real Emotional Trash
54. Dengue Fever Venus On Earth
55. Errors It's Not Something But It Is Like Whatever
56. Free Kitten Inherit
57. David Grubbs An Optimist Notes the Dust
58. Half Man Half Biscuit CSI: Ambleside
59. Hair Police Certainty Of Swarms
60. Rose Kemp Unholy Majesty
61. The Kills Midnight People
62. The Fall Imperial Wax Solvent
63. Lightspeed Champion Falling Off Lavender Bridge
64. William Parker Double Sunrise Over Neptune
65. Primal Scream Beautiful Future
66. Religious Knives Resin
67. Rosie Taylor Project This City Draws Maps
68. Magnetic Fields Distortion
69. Amplifico See Heart See Muscle
70. Cut Copy In Ghost Colours
71. Goldfrapp Seventh Tree
72. Sonic Youth J'accuse Ted Hughes
73. Blow Monkeys Devil's Tavern
74. Long Blondes Couples
75. Roots Manuva Slime And Reason

Top 10 Re-Issues/Compilations

1. John Baker The John Baker Tapes (Trunk)
2. Various Artists From Dancehall To Grime (Soul Jazz)
3. Mogwai Young Team (Chemikal Underground)
4. Various Artists Dancehall The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture (Soul Jazz)
5. The Smiths The Sound Of The Smiths (Rhino)
6. Jay Reatard Matador Singles '08 (Matador)
7. Yazoo In Your Room (Mute)
8. Hear, O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony In Jazz (Trunk)
9. Various Artists The First Chapters (XL)
10. Various Artists Give Me Love: Songs Of The Brokenhearted, Baghdad, 1925-1929
(Honest Jon's)

So there we have it. I will update this list with various links (and um, check the comments bit as well. Just saying...)

And, as always, for anyone who thinks this blog is just indie indie indie...umm, there is perhaps a bigger proliferation of Jazz, Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronica and World/Global than ever before. So if you think it's all indie...maybe YOU need to investigate more.


So It Goes said...

I can guarantee that I haven't heard abput 95% of this, but I trust your judgement, dear Eduardo. Hmmmm....John that rings a bell (hint hint).
Merry Christmas to you and Sam!!

Ed said...

I will send you the John Baker very soon, Steve, what with not blogging every day it should get easier. And I will put in links so that you can hear bits of these albums. But trust me on the Cave Singers!


JC said...

I hevent downloaded 75 songs this year far less listened to 75 new LPs

Ed said...

...given that I also review for Is This Music? and have an eMusic subscription, it's not like I have bought them all!


Sheherazade said...

Ed, I love you. You are the first person that I've seen to have included James' "Hey, Ma" on their "Best of" lists. It's nice to see them get some recognition. Nice list, btw.

Have a merry whatever!

Ed said...

Thank you - it really is a fab album. Personally, I think I'd rather hear what a new James album sounds like than a new Oasis album (watch as I start ducking bricks for saying that!)

Merry Christmas yourself!

entrailicus said...

I consider myself to be doing well in that I have 10 of these! At least it gives me an idea of what 65 people can buy me for christmas.

Welcome back Ed!

Ed said...

I look forward to hearing your views. Many can be got at eMusic very reasonably.


Terrapin said...

Not saying you're wrong because I've only heard one of the records on your list, but are there really 61 albums released in 2008 which are better than The Fall's "Imperial Wax Solvent" ?(Including COLDPLAY?!?)

Ed said...

Er...despite the flack I got for posting coldplay on this site, I do like 'em. The Fall were unquestionably my gig of the year and the Coldplay album got a lot of play over the summer. As much as anything, it's the albums that got repeated playing.

It is no doubt likely, though, that the list might shift on reflection further down the line...but I cannot help thinking that Coldplay get a lot of flack that they wouldn't get if they were less commercially successful.

Still, as ever, I'm kinda proud that there are both mammothly succesful and utterly obscure records in this list... : ))

Terrapin said...

Well how about this for a New Year's resolution - I will try to track down a copy of Viva to borrow (I'm buggered if I'm going to pay good money for it) and I'll let you know what I think.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Ed said...

OK. you're on! And to anyone else, remember this is just my opinion,I'm not holding this up as objective fact : )