Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Countdown to Christmas Post #12

Danish band Mew first came onto my radar six years ago, when they first released their Christmas song 'She Came Home For Christmas.' I've seen them live, supporting Elbow, round about the time of the latter touring to support Leaders Of The Free World, and yet on record they've never really grabbed me as much as they have with 'She Came Home For Christmas.'

It's beautiful, it's European...and it's even a little bit prog. As heartfelt as 'O Caroline' by Matching Mole, even...

Mew -'She Came Home For Christmas.' mp3


Simon said...

Seen from JC's post that you've been hit again by takedown notices and post removals. I've had four posts removed this week. So I'm kind of feeling like taking a break from it myself at the moment.

The strange thing about two of mine is that the tracks concerned are not commercially available tunes, in fact are pretty rare soul sides. Which does make me wonder if it's actually some disgruntled collector wanting to increase the value of his rare 7" soul track from 1972.

Which is sad really: the fact that it might not be some big corporate bully tactic, but actually somebody just like me and you.

Don't give up on it mate. The easier people cave the more they will do this.

david said...

Just heard about your Festive Fifty takedown at the VV site Ed.

I just don't understand how anyone could think that a post like that was harming bands finances, reputations, or anything else.

Strange times Ed, strange times.
Stick with it though huh? We're all with you mate.
Best for the season too.

Ctelblog said...

What David said

Jim said...

I came here before I went to TVV today and wondered where the Festive 50 went, dearly hoping you'd just pulled it to rework something or other. Sad that the more likely explanation is true, rather than the one I'd hoped it would be.

Ed said...

Thanks for support, people. Let's just say I am very, VERY angry...

southfield cowboy said...

Another great track.

You have turned me onto so many bands I would never otherwise have encountered. Is there a genuinely constructive route to channel our support for your blog to the powers that be (whoever they are???)

BTW did you ever get to hear the new Dogs die in Hot Cars album? There is a Christmas track there!!