Thursday, November 22, 2007

Update: Malcolm Middleton

This is from the NME website today:

" BBC Radio 1 heavyweights Colin Murray, Scott Mills and Edith Bowman are all backing former Arab Strap star Malcolm Middleton's bid for the UK's Christmas Number One single.

And now bookmakers William Hill has decided to slash their original odds on the single 'We're All Going To Die' from 1,000/1 to 500/1.

Murray said of the track: "Were the intelligentsia ... we don't need to be crass about getting Malcolm Middleton to Number One. Do you remember when Belle & Sebastian won a Brit Award? That's the route I want to take.

"Go ahead and sign up to Malcolm's MySpace, lets start getting an idea of how many people are going to buy this beautiful record."

Mills said on air before playing the song: "Colin has decided what he wants to be Xmas Number One this year and I am in total agreement with him. It's a little bit different, saves 'The X Factor' from being Number One again this year."

This is progress, people! We can do it. It's started in bloggerland, now the Nation's DJs are taking up the cause too!

However, when we are successful, anyone who whines that they don't like it now he's successful...BE QUIET. If you're on our side you should rejoice if we get it there. Remember: even Top five is a victory for us; not getting the X-Factor pap to no.1 is a serious blow to the sinister types trying to manipulate the general public through the likes of X-Factor. A number one hit is a win for us against THE MAN.

It is of course from one of the albums of the year, A Brighter Beat, the title track which is here:

Malcolm Middleton -'A Brighter Beat.' mp3

'We're All Going To Die' is out on December 17 on download services only. Remember: 79p on iTunes or wherever you download your music from is a step towards victory.

Malcolm's MySpace is here and his website is here


Ed said...

Very, very proud; my quote is featured on Malcolm's official web page!

William Hill the bookmakers have now slashed Malcolm's odds for the U.K. Christmas No.1 down to 500/1. Leona Lewis and the Spice Girls have bottled it and pulled out as things get too hot in the kitchen. This quote from 17seconds sums it up nicely:

"Also important is the fact that the song will be up against X-Factor winners, whoever they will be, and so this is also about the battle for good against evil, socialism versus capitalism, the scottish cult indie musician versus a global terror perpetuated by Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell."

Malcolm Middleton is now aware of my blog! Result...

Give Malcolm Middleton The Christmas No.1!

Anonymous said...

All the best to Malcolm!
A Brighter Beat is one of the best records of the year.

So It Goes said...

...and I still can't download it. :-((.
Hope my blog is as high profile as yours after 300+ posts, Ed. And did you knock that picture of Malcolm up yourself or did you get it from somewhere else? If you did, was it inspired by my picture of Mark E on the Fall post??? I would like to think so...

Ed said...

Afraid i nicked it off the NME site!