Saturday, November 03, 2007

Some Covers For Saturday Part III

Well, I've got my USB turntable on the go again (not that it stopped working but it can be a time-consuming process) so here are a few goodies from the record collection.

The Swans were responsible for leading me to Joy Division. Aged eleven, I saw the video for their cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart on The Chart Show, a long-running UK TV show that every three weeks would do the Top Ten indie charts (the other two weeks being dance and Heavy Metal). Now the version I heard then had Michael Gira on vocals (anyone who has this please let me know etc..) but this version has the legendary Jarboe singing.

Swans -'Love Will Tear Us Apart (Jarboe vocal).' mp3

I said I would post it, and I have! A couple of years back, Franz Ferdinand and the Fire Engines issued a limited split 7" (I love these! There is nothing more indie (in the old sense of the word) than a split 7") of them covering one of the other's songs.

Franz Ferdinand -'Get Up And Use Me (Fire Engines cover).' mp3

Fire Engines -'Jacqueline (Franz Ferdinand cover).' mp3

As a huge Cure fan, I was determined to track down a copy of this for years. A few times I thought I'd got it, only to wonder why every version seemed to cut off before the end. So when I found the 12", I got it home to discover's how it's meant to sound.

Dinosaur Jr -'Just Like Heaven (The Cure cover).' mp3

I thought this was a Nancy Griffith song -obviously without the swearing -but it was written by John Prine. Anyway, this is Alabama 3's take on it.

Alabama 3 -'Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (John Prine cover).' mp3

Finally, another record I spent years searching for (before it was eventually available on the B-sides and rarities triple CD compilation that came out in 2004). This single had Nick and Shane singing on the A-side together, before covering one of the other's songs on the b-side.

Nick Cave and Shane MacGowan -'What A Wondeful World (Louis Armstrong cover).' mp3

Nick Cave -'Rainy Night In Soho (Pogues cover).' mp3

Shane MacGowan -'Lucy (Nick Cave cover).' mp3

These will be up for one week only. Enjoy!


SteveR said...

The Gira version was posted here just yesterday :)

Really like your blog by the way.


SteveR said...

Gira's version was posted here only yesterday :)

Really like your blog.


Ed said...

thanks Steve -will check it out!


jalal said...

ce blog est une merveille, encore merci pour tout ce bon son. J'adore 17 seconds !!!

(translation in english (hmm... sorry): this blog is marvellous, thks for all this good sounds. I love 17 seconds.

Ed said...

Merci Jalal. Ecrivez vous un blog? J'ai un peut de francais, mais seulement un peu, malheureusement.

jalal said...

hello Friend, voici le lien de notre blog (celui du groupe où je joue de la guitare). Il est moins bien construit que le tient qui est, encore une fois, une petite merveille. Quel bon choix que de mentionné cette reprise de Joy Division par les Swans qui m'avait également marquée à l'époque. Bravo pour le Français et meilleures salutations.

Raquel Laneri said...

I love the Joy Division cover.

Ed said...

Jalal -encore-merci!

Raquel -glad you like it!


Drunk Country said...

Mr. Ed,

Splendid postage.

If only I'd known - the Cave / MgGowan gems've been in my archives since release - such is the depths of my cover craving nerdiness/passion.

If you've not yet mosied, check out our own special little covers project Drunk Covers over at the show's podcast hub

We've just done a 'Redux' of the first cover show (we weren't so savvy & recording for podcast way back whenever) & plan to re-do the 2nd show (also not recrded at time of broadcast) some time soon. III ("Guilt By Association" covers CD special) + IV are up too &, if I say so m'sel, are doozies. You might find a few gems in there you'd not heard of/found yet.


Ed said...

Thank you, will indeed mosey over...


Anonymous said...

Here's the whole OOP Swans "Love Will Tear Us Apart" CD single, which includes the Acoustic Version--basically the same song minus the drums: