Friday, November 02, 2007

Scots indie! Part 2

The Vaselines

Just a quick post, but felt like posting some classic eighties scottish indie.

From Perhaps, which may be the most underrated scottish record of the eighties.

Associates -'Breakfast 12".' mp3

The Fire Engines were a big influence on many scots bands, perhaps most notably Franz Ferdinand. I will post the split single that both bands did here at some point...

Fire Engines -'Candyskin.' mp3

OK so Psychocandy is the definitive scottish record of the eighties, but let's not forget that there were some fantastic records afterwards too.

Jesus and Mary Chain -'April Skies.' mp3

I've posted this before, but it had to be part of this post. Just sheer class. Post-punk meets indie. Oh yes, oh yay...

Josef K -'Sorry For Laughing.' mp3

Their second single on the legendary Postcard label, and my favourite song of Edwyn Collins' ultra-cool scottish heroes.

Orange Juice -'Blue Boy.' mp3

Later covered by Teenage Fanclub, the Pastels, still going in 2007, are fantastic. I met Stephen Pastel earlier this year, the most down to earth and shy musician I have ever met.

The Pastels -'Nothing To Be Done.' mp3

A huge influence on Nirvana, who covered this and two of their other songs, the Vaselines might well be Scotland's answer to the Velvet Underground.
The Vaselines -'Son Of A Gun.' mp3

If you like these tracks, seek 'em out, goddamit!


monostereo said...

Thanks for these!

Harry said...

Hello blog author, you don't need to actually post this, just wanted a way of contacting you. If you like The Vaselines and live in Edinburgh, there is something happening on 16th November you might be pretty interested in. Email me at if you want info.
Harry x

jalal said...

I wonder how can the UK produce so much good music in so much different style... And I wonder how can France produce so much shit music in so many different style too.

Ed said...

Ooh, don't be so hard on yourself...Air, Daft Punk and M83 (I think they're French, anyway) are very good.