Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A sort of promo...

(More idlewild coming this way very soon i promise...)

I am still about to post my review of idlewild in Edinburgh the other night, which was great, but life has been kinda insanely busy here (just for a change).

Anyway, they had two fantastic support acts, so in anticipation of my review, a sampling of them both: The Twilight Sad and Broken Records.

Some excellent mp3s

Twilight Sad

Twilight Sad -'Walking For Two Hours.' mp3 (via Yousendit)

Twilight Sad -'And She Would Darken The Memory.' mp3 (via Yousendit)

Twilight Sad -'That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy.' mp3 (Via Yousendit)

Broken Records

Broken Records -'Kathy.' mp3 (via Yousendit)

Broken Records -'Out On The Water.' mp3 (Via Yousendit)

Broken Records -'The Russian Song.' mp3 (Via Yousendit)

And...I also interviewed Riley Briggs from Aberfeldy yesterday, who played me half a dozen new songs and told me what the band are up to, so watch this space...


MM said...

Ed - have Broken records been the 2nd support on all the tour, do you know? 4 piece with singing bass player and guitarist with dodgy 70s style perm?


Ed said...

Hi Mike

Broken Records have been seven members both times I have seen them, they do have a singing bassist, but they also have a cellist. May be worth checking their myspace (www.myspace.com/brokenrecordsedinburgh) pretty sure though that they didn't, but don;t take my word for it.


Micky67 said...

Got a great story about the singer from The Twilight Sad. Turns out he is a friend of a friend and he was at her flatwarming party, where I got talking to him (without knowing who he was). When he told me what band he was in, I mentioned a review I had written for his band's album and he told me he had read it just that day and agreed with every word!

Ed said...

Oh wow, result! Am expecting big things from them, envy you for meeting them.