Saturday, November 24, 2007

Arcade Fire cover versions special!

If there is one band alone who owe much of their success to word of mouth amongst bloggers, it's Arcade Fire, but blogs or no blogs, I like to think that they would have made it anyway, due to being pretty bloody brilliant.

Anyway, given that I love to post covers, here at 17 Seconds today, it's an Arcade Fire Special!

Arcade Fire -'Naive Melody (Talking Heads cover).' mp3

Arcade Fire -'Five Years (David Bowie cover).' mp3<

Arcade Fire -'Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover).' mp3

Arcade Fire -'Guns Of Brixton(Clash cover).' mp3

Arcade Fire -'Poupee de Cire, Poupee de son(France Gall cover).' mp3

Found an excellent venezuelan blog that has also posted some good, different Arcade Fire cover versions, called Deaf Indie Elephants, which you should check out too.

Arcade Fire's official site is here and a very good fan site is here


Anonymous said...

Hooray for arcade fire mp3's :D

Ed said...

Indeed! : ))

India said...

thanks! this is awesome, I love The Arcade Fire.

marya said...

thanks! these are great

Ed said...

Glad to have two more staisfied readers : ))

Anonymous said...

i wish the links would work! i want to hear t hose songs so bad!

please email me if some one has them or puts them back up

Ed said...

Will repost shortly.

Normally remove links after two weeks...