Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just in case you're interested...

Over at Berkeley Place, there are three excellent posts devoted to covers of songs that Yo La Tengo have done, including songs by Prince, Blondie and the Human League.

And it's a pretty damn good blog anyway, so you should go visit.

Just in case you've never heard Yo La Tengo, this is a good place, their own website to get a wee sample.


Anonymous said...

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Ed said...

Thank you kind sir!

Glad you like it, and please add it to your links : ))

Drunk Country said...

Berkely Place is the shiz (as the kids on the street are wont to express). Mr. E. is our man, aye.


Ed said...

Erm, Thank you. After much discussion with Mrs. 17 Seconds, it's a compliment!

Drunk Country said...

most certainly is Sir.