Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Presenting...Ruth Theodore

A few days ago, I was rooting through the latest pile of CDs I had been sent to review, when I came across a name I hadn't heard before: Ruth Theodore

This self-styled 'south-coast refugee' (it makes sense when you read her MySpace and website has got a great way with a guitar and songwriting, that slowly works its way in and takes you by surprise. Her debut album will be released in November on River Rat records, who make a virtue of being an ethical record company. (Maybe a lot of them will be having to go that way given that today is the day of Radiohead's new online release).

Anyway, check out these gorgoeus tracks and if you don't fall under her spell...more fool you. 'Worm Food' will be out on October 22, and she's playing in and around that time. Mostly London, but hopefully she will come further afield (that's a hint Ruth!!)

Ruth Theodore -'Worm Food.' mp3

Ruth Theodore -'Ugly Faces.' mp3

Ruth Theodore -'Overexpanding.' mp3

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Terrapin said...

Just listened to this (searching for references to Ruth Theodore is how I found your blog). It's very, very good.