Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Album Review: Morning Bride

Album Review: Morning Bride -'Lea Valley Delta Blues' (Letterbox Records)

Letterbox Records seem to just keep coming up with the goods, showing that you don't need to be based in London or even in the South East to be picking up on great bands. This album was released earlier this year, but having written about them, I thought I would let you know just how good the album is from Morning Bride.

Morning Bride are based in Hackney, East London. However, the spirit that runs through this album owes far more to the sounds traditionally associated with Nashville. It's a refreshing take on country that doesn't necessarily show much allegiance to East London, until the final track, a live recording of 'Mother Hackney.' Though it namechecks Grand central Station, it doesn;t forget where home is. This is the one that I find myself singing, but the three download only singles relased so far 'Time Delay' 'Replica' and 'Stepping Out In Front Of Cars' are pretty fabulous in their own right too.

This album is light on the ear but lingers pleasantly. There's no immediately evident heart of darkness here that might be on, say Sons and Daughters' records, but this is a record made on it's own terms and all the better for it. Time to turn your ears this way and hear these East London Delta Blues.


Morning Bride -'Replica.' mp3

Morning Bride -'Time Delay.' mp3

For Morning Bride's latest release from this album and to buy the album go to Letterbox Records


Matthew said...

I can't believe you've not got round to reviewing this already! Given I bought the album entirely because you wrote about them, listened to and reviewed it, all months ago.

It is, of course, a fine, fine record. Thanks for spotting them.

Ed said...

Shameful I know, but better late than never. Glad you like it too.