Monday, October 29, 2007

Album Review: Wounded Knee

Album Review: Wounded Knee 'Wounded Knee' (Benbecula Minerals Series)

Wounded Knee's reputation kind of preceeded him. I was thrilled at the thought of reviewing this record, though my editor handed it over a little nervously.

Well, chill, because this record manages to be forward thinking and traditionally scottish at the same time, way out and listenable at the same time and that's not something that can always be said.

Perhaps I was envisaging something in the vein of Kylie Minoise (no, I definitely don't mean Minogue), but whilst this music challenges you, it doesn't attack you in the same way. There's a sense of humour about what is described as a'post modern hebridean Walking Song ethic.' The vocal loops particularly on 'Anthem For The Call Centre Worker' manages to take the drudgery and make something beautiful out of it (believe me, having worked in those places, that's a feat and a half).

This is a record unlike anything you'll hear this year, all the better for it, and something that will most likely take you out of your previous listening experience, but to somewhere you'll be happy to return.


'Wounded Knee' is out now on Benbecula
Wounded Knee's mySpace is here

Benbecula Records can be found here

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