Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Album Review: Descent

Album Review

Descent ‘This Violent Reality’ (Corellian Records)

Blimey. That’ll teach me. This had lingered near the bottom of the review pile. There are a lot of rubbish death-thrash-core metal bands out there, and only a few good ones.

However, West London’s Descent fall definitely into the latter camp. Whereas some bands in this genre make albums that give the impression of having no thought whatsoever put into them, and sound the same right the way through, this is a powerful, involving and ultimately rewarding listen. Speed is the key here, so we are definitely talking more Slayer than Sunn O ) ) ). There are a lot of ideas here, but there also excellent tunes too. Songs like ‘Reveal’ ‘Blasphemy Reborn’ and my personal favourite ‘My Failure.’

Perhaps most impressive is the way that the band manage not to descent into self-indulgence. If you are not a fan of this genre, this album won’t change that, but if you want to hear a metal band with a new twist, cast your ear this way.

Descent -'My Failure.' mp3

More mp3s can be found at the band's webiste here, part of the Band's website.

Their MySpace is here

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