Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ten more!

Today when I got up, I received a very nice email from Matthew at Song, By Toad saying that he had got me listed at the Hype Machine. Thank you, sir, maybe people will actually read this blog now!

Anyway, just fancied posting some stuff I like, with no particular theme. Though it goes without saying: if you like what you hear, go and buy it!

Blur-'Popscene.' mp3 (Time this was available properly, guys)

Dizzee Rascal -'Wannabe (feat Lily allen).' mp3 (For everyone who is fed up with wannabe gangsters who just do not get it.)

Calexico -'The Ballad Of Cable Hogue.' mp3 (Still one of my favourite tracks of the decade)

Adam and the Ants-'Cartrouble.' mp3 (Why do so many Ants compilations leave off the pre Kings of the Wild Frontier stuff?)

Malcolm Middleton -'A Brighter Beat.' mp3
(A very serious contender for both album and single of the year).

Ghostface Killah featuring Amy Winehouse -'You Know I'm No Good.' mp3 (Well, actually i still love your music, Amy, but for God's sake, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER).

Roisin Murphy -'Overpowered.' mp3 (Ace solo track from former Moloko frontwoman)

The Dream Academy -'Life In A Northern Town.' mp3 (Still gorgeous, all these years later...)

Bob Marley -'Redemption Song.' mp3 (Some things are better left unsaid)

Roll Deep -'Celebrate(Instrumental).' mp3 (GRIME rules over Gangsta, anyday)


Colin said...

My secret?

I am a *huge* Dream Academy fan.

All their albums etc.

Even have a lock of Nick L-C's hair...

(no, made that last bit up!)

PS, watch out for your bandwidth going a bit loopy from now on... :)

So It Goes said...

What a selection! Plaudits to you, Ed, but please answer 2 questions:
1) What is the Hype Machine?
2) Who is the guy in the picture?
Answers on a postcard!
Cheers, and thanks for your terrific blog.

Ed said...

Colin- it started to happen already, now upgraded to Diamond.
(So I guess cheers to Matthew etc..!)

So It Goes -1) The Hype Machine is a page that links a lot of blogs and allows people to find out what tracks have been posted. There is a link on my page.

2)the guy in the picture is legendary produced Phil Spector

Thanks for your kind words, both!

Matthew said...

I am now going to have to stop reading this blog as it has become popular and hence you have clearly sold out.

Ed said...

ha bloody ha! : ))


JC said...

Ah...I was coming in to warn about bandwith but Comrade Colin has already delivered that Public Service Announcement.

Popscene - the great lost single of its era.

Malcolm Middleton - Yes on both accounts.

JC said...

Am I the only one who can't stand Ms Winehouse???

Ed said...

er, she seems to get on a lot of people's nerves, butu I do like her music.


marianne said...

woooh.. i'm glad.
so how do i get in touch with you for news...? i like keeping in touch.
you got myspace? email?