Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Great, Lost Single #9

My Life Story -'12 Reasons Why' (Parlophone, 1996)

When I went off to University in 1996, I was certainly planning on seeing as many bands as possible. As it happened, Canterbury didn't have many bands playing, and after Gene played in October 1997, I resigned myself to having to go to London if I wanted to see much stuff that I was into.

However, one night out early on was My Life Story. Jake Shillingford and his ever-changing lineup had been around for a while at this point, but they had recently had a small top 40 hit with '12 reasons Why.' I'd picked up the 7" before going to university and was looking forward to seeing them at one of the dining rooms on campus. Having watched a less than inspiring set from Britpop jokes Northern Uproar three days previously (the mind still shudders at the memory), this night did not disappoint. The two support acts were Gretschen Hofner and Ether, both of whom I still think deserve to have done much better than they did.

My Life Story, with their string quartet looked amazing and glamourous. What blew me away was a simple song called 'Silently Screaming' that I had never heard, but turned out to have been on the CD single of the recent '12 Reasons Why.' (In fact, this may have been why I fell for the record companies CD singles multi-formatting so hard for a while; I didn't want to miss any nuggets that might be tucked away). I picked up the CD single later on that week in town, and bought many follow-up singles. '12 Reasons Why' was the encore and we all chanted the numbers loudly as Mr. Shillingford worked through the bizarre reasons his lady endeared herself to him. Jake even signed my ticket! To a nineteen year old (very possibly wearing slashed jeans and with massive sideburns in honour of supergrass' Gaz Coombes) this was the stuff excitement was made of.

They had several more hits that made the top 40, before seeming to fall away and called it a day in 2001. You can find several links to them here.

My Life Story -'12 Reasons Why.' mp3

My Life Story -'Silently Screaming.' mp3

(Both tracks from '12 Reasons Why' Cd single).


My Life Story -'Strumpet.' mp3

My Life Story -'Welcome to my Archipelago.' mp3

(Both tracks from 'Strumpet' CD single I)

My Life Story -'Duchess (Stranglers cover).' mp3
My Life Story -'Mr. Boyd (Dressing Gown version).' mp3

(Both tracks from 'Duchess' CD single I. The Duchess cover was on a compilation of then current EMI bands covering songs from the labels' past (think it may have been a centenary. That compilation also included the Foo Fighters' take on Gerry Rafferty's 'Baker Street' posted a few months ago here).


Anonymous said...

hmmm, I wish I was in London listening to live music and singing along to a famed chorus of a favorite band... in reality I wish I could be in Seattle (locally) listening to live music at the Crocodile and singing along to anything. Ahhh, university life: how I miss thee!

So It Goes said...

Dear Ed, thank you for the top two tracks from this awesome band. This is the first time I have visited your site (I found you through the equally excellent Down With Tractors) and i will be back for more. Thank you.
P.S. Consider yourself linked here:

Ed said...

Cheers guys, and will add Teenage Kicks to my list!


simon said...

Ed ... you may be astonished to learn that Northern Uproar are gigging again. Manchester's plastered in posters. Couldn't believe it when I saw them - thought "surely these chancers aren't getting a second chance."

Ed said...

Northern Uproar getting a second chance? Bloody hell!

JC said... of the great lost moments of the Britpop era.

I recall seeing this played live on 'The White Room' on C4 and being knowcked out by it. Truly the sort of song and sound that Marc Almond would have been proud of....

I'm hoping someone might shove the clip up on You Tube sometime so That I can nick it for The Video Villain.

The thought of you with Gaz Coombes sideburns frightens me young man...

Ed said...

They frightened a lot of people, shortly afterwards, I reinvented myself as a goth (of sorts)...