Monday, August 06, 2007

200th post!

[Edinburgh's X-Vectors]

Yup, just as it says on the tin, this is the 200th post of 17 Seconds. I started writing this blog over a year ago now, doing my first post on July 15 2006. the reason I didn't do a anniversary one was that it was the day after my wedding and I know which side my bread is buttered (generally the side that lands face down, particularly if it's a carpet).

During the time of doing writing 17 Seconds so far, I have posted all manor of weird and wonderful sounds, from the unsigned to the massively successful. Anyone who says it's all just 'indie' hasn't been paying attention (Wiley? Dizzee rascal? Missy Elliott). I can't claim to have launched any bands, and a few of the bands I have written about have split (Arab Strap, Death From Above 1979 and The Cooper Temple Clause) although there are one or two who have a higher profile, which I can't really claim to much credit for, but hey...There have been people who have thanked me for bringing them to the attention of stuff they hadn't heard before, so RESULT!

Thanks to everyone who has read this blog, encouraged me, and helped, in what ever way. It's been an interesting year -getting cats, starting my first ever full-time teaching post, being signed off work and getting married. And more than just a bit of music along the way.

Now that Mrs. 17 Seconds and I are the owners of a USB turntable, expect more 'interesting' types of stuff to continue appearing here.

For the 200th post, I present an Arab Strap cover version, doing a Van Halen song...

Arab Strap-'Why Can't This Be Love? (Van Halen cover).' mp3(taken from The Shy Retirer ep)

...and also two tracks from a 12" single that was no.6 in last year's festive 50 on this site, Edinburgh band the X-vectors.

X-Vectors -'Now Is The Winter Of Our Discotheque.' mp3

X-Vectors -'Your Love.' mp3

(both tracks from Now Is the Winter Of Our Discotheque/Your Love 12" single)

X-Vectors' MySpace is here, with details of how to buy their music.

As always, tracks will be up here for one week only -if you like what you hear GO BUY IT.


Anonymous said...

Van Halen cover??

On a related note, I once had them doing a cover of AC/DC's 'You shook me all night long. Was amazing, but I've since lost it. You got it??

An amazing band that I am missing already.

Ed said...

Yup, 'Why Can't This Be Love?' is a Van Halen cover, from their 1986 album 5150, if you really feel the urge to investigate...

I do have the Arab Strap cover of You Shook me All Night Long - will try and post it in the next day or so.


Anonymous said...

The reason I was asking is that it just sounds like a diferent mix of 'Shy Retirer' to me, not a Van Halen cover......

If you could post the AC/DC cover, I would be eternally grateful. It's probably my favourite cover ever.