Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Great, Lost Single #6

Arab Strap -'Here We Go/Trippy' (Chemikal Underground, 1998)

I first heard Arab Strap on the John Peel show, when he played Here We Go. Somehow the release of 'The First Big Weekend' had passed me by, but looking at the vinyl on the record shelves in my flat, I guess I made up for lost time. In this song, Aidan Moffat starts off by wondering how he's supposed to walk his girlfriend home, when she's some way in front of him, having stormed off in a huff. Hmm, I guess one or two of us might have been there, too... Sad and beautiful. The 'AA' side (I know, it's just I still tend to think in terms of vinyl) Trippy is just that, showing that Aidan Moffat's later electronica work as Lucky Pierre has a far earlier beginning than might be thought. The track also features 'Tremendan O'Hare', almost certainly one-time Teenage Fanclub drummer, and Mogwai's musician without portfolio (sic) Brendan O'Hare.

'Here We Go' is still available on their second album 'Philophobia'; for Trippy, try e-bay or Amazon (it's not on the UK version of iTunes as far as I can see).

Arab Strap -'Here We Go.' mp3

Arab Strap -'Trippy.' mp3

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I am still listening to Arab Strap which you have mentioned but I had not listened to.

They are from Falkirk? What the heck does the Falkirk wheel exactly do?

Ed said...

They are from Falkirk, as indeed are Sons and Daughters. The Falkirk Wheel liftfs boats on the canal, and more info can be found out about it here:

Have to be honest, whilst I have lived in Scotland for six years, I have yet to experience the wheel, or indeed anything more of Falkirk than just passing through it!