Friday, August 17, 2007

Single Review: Emma Pollock

Emma Pollock: 'Acid Test' (4AD)

'This house does not feel like a home.' So begins Emma Pollock's second single of the forthcoming Watch The Fireworks. more guitar-driven than previous single 'Adrenaline', the edgy guitar and bass play off against each other and the heartbreaking lyrics tell of her feelings as she tries to take control her her emotions. An excellent single, that deserved your attention. B-side 'A Temporary Fix' is another excellent track.

'Acid Test' is available now from iTunes and will be released on September 3rd on Physical formats.

Emma Pollock's official site is here and her MySpace, where you can stream the single is here


Anonymous said...

Hi,been admiring your blog for a while (found it last year when I was living in Switzerland), I am in a new, local Edinburgh band, heres a myspace link in case your interested


Ed said...

Thank you, will check it out!