Friday, August 17, 2007

Album Review: Penny Century

Penny Century: 'Between A Hundred Lies' (Letterbox)

Are they trying to break our hearts? If this record were a season it would be autumn (Fall for North American readers), the most beautiful time of year, and yet serving as a reminder that every changes, and nothing stays the same. 'When The City Is Waking Up' moves you at a hundred paces- and that's before the vocals kick in. Hailing from Ostertsund, Sweden, Penny Century deserve to appear on year end best of lists. This ten track album doesn't put a foot wrong. 'Nothing Burns Like Bridges' is the first, download only single, but tracks like 'Too Bitter To Be Charming' the aforementioned 'When the City...' and closer 'Streetlights, Snowflakes and You' which takes you completely by surprise a minute or so in, should be heard by anyone who loves Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian, and Aberfeldy. Bloggers of the world, unite and lets tell the world about Penny Century.


Bettween One Hundred Lies will be released on Letterbox Records on August 20th.

Penny Century -'Nothing Burns Like Bridges.' mp3

The album can be ordered from here

Click here to see the video.

Penny Century are on MySpace here and they also have their own blog here

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Ed said...

This appeared on my MySpace

Hi Ed!

We are very grateful that you have review our record and we are even more happy with your sweet and kind words. Thank you! Thank you!

Cheers! Kim from Penny