Monday, June 25, 2007

Underrated albums #6: Boo Radleys " C'Mon Kids" (1996)

If Giant Steps was the 'hip' one, which swept the readers and critics polls in 1993, and Wake Up! the commercial one, then maybe the appearance of C'mon Kids might seem like the beginning of the Boo Radleys decline.

Yeah, right.

C'Mon Kids is actually a damn fine album, all these years later, with a return to the experimentalism that had characterised the Boo Radleys work before Wake Up! but included some damn fine songs just the same. Wake Up Boo! might have been their best remembered song, it's just that it became like 'Sit Down' and 'Wonderwall.' A crossover hot that threatened to become an albatross.

There were three UK Top. 40 hits off the album -which was considerably more than Giant Steps had done, and they were crackers. My favourite track is 'New Brighton Promenade' which I remember sticking on quite a few mix tapes for other people back in the day.

Try these singles and the aforementioned 'New Brighton Promenade' then if you like it Buy C'Mon Kids here.

Boo Radleys-'C'Mon Kids.' mp3

Boo Radleys-'What's In The Box?' mp3

Boo Radleys-'Ride The Tiger.' mp3

Boo Radleys-'New Brighton Promenade.' mp3


Anonymous said...

Would you believe that I have heard of the Boo Radleys but had never actually heard them per se...

I now wish to experience their music. This is a fine introduction, what would you recommend as good start CD?

By the way i tried your idea of underappreciated albums here

Ed said...

Hi Juan,

glad you like this-I would recommend any of their albums, though Giant Steps is probably the best.


twopalmtrees said...

Boo Radleys, yeah they were a good band. Loved their earlier experimental stuff. Still makes me smile that the NME referred to them as the Do Badlys :)

Anonymous said...

Another good Boos LP although I confess that it's another one bought from the bargain bin.


PS Your wee present's now available at the site, Ed!