Monday, June 11, 2007

Amplifico...more information please!!

I had intended to post a review of the gig I went to last night, which was Aberfeldy in Edinburgh. However, due to the fact that the soundchecking had taken ages along the line somewhere, the band were not on til late, which meant that I couldn't see the whole gig, so not really fair to review it here. I have now seen them eight times over the last three years, whihc is more than I've seen any other band.

No, this post is about Amplifico the fabulous support band, who absolutely blew me away. My mate Dave, who I went with, reckons that Donna the lead singer has a touch of Kate Bush about her. KT Tunstall is apparently in awe of her voice-and she's not the only one. Their set was an absolute joy from start to finish.

I'm kinda embarassed though, because I cannot write about Amplifico in as informed a way as I would like. I'm hoping they - or someone can get in touch with more information. They look very cool, and their bass player was supposedly playing his first gig with them last night, Wearing tails! and pulling it off. Their myspace says they are a three piece, though Scott seemed like very much part of the band.

I loved their sound and cannot wait to see them live again. I tried to buy some of their music today, but no-one seems to know if they've got anything out.

Anyway, here's two mp3s from their MySpace. Check them out, and go and see them live, and make friends with them at their mySpace spot.

And please, someone let me know: What do they have out? Is Scott in the band? When is their debut album actually out, and on what label?

Amplifico-'Red Song.' mp3

Amplifico-'Just To Pause This.' mp3


Jem said...

Hey, Thanks for such nice words. Please come to another gig soon, and come and chat to us at this one!


(the girl selling the cd's)

Ed said...

This arrived on my MySpace page:

Hi Ed!

Glad you loved the set, it's lovely to see folk blogging about the band in such a friendly way. I'm sorry that information is so scarce at the moment but there's a simple explanation. The band are a few months away from rekeasing their debut album (on their own label), and are mid new-site, new-logo, new-bassist, new everything really and as such all the old info has been sort of catalogued away. It is however still accessible, so here are some links which you may enjoy:

Old Site:

Free MP3's, and stuff for sale:

I'm going to ask Donna (the web genius of the band) if she can put these links up somewhere for other people to access, but feel free to link to them from your blog too.

Be sure to download all those free tunes too.

If there's any more info I can help you with, shoot me an e-mail at



Matthew said...

I'm slightly annoyed I couldn't make this now, Ed - another fine spot!

Ed said...

Glad you like it, they play Edinburgh again very soon.