Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Abba On The Jukebox?

Many years ago, whilst driving alone at night I was listening to John Peel. And there was one of those moments, where you hear something that touches you.

And on the night in question, in 1996, April I think, it was this song by Trembling Blue Stars.

Trembling Blue Stars-'Abba On The Jukebox.' mp3

This is simply one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I'm not an expert on twee-pop by any means (but try And Before The First Kiss or The Roaring Machine for people who undoubtedly are), but I know what I like and I love this.

A couple of years later I managed to pick up the album Her Handwriting
and there were a lots of brilliant songs just waiting for me there, including these two:

Trembling Blue Stars-'A Single Kiss.' mp3

Trembling Blue Stars-'Do People Ever?' mp3

Buy Her Handwriting here

And of course, how could I forget the masters of the Sad Song themselves? Sod post-modernism, camp and all the justifications, critiques and other rubbish that's lobbed in their direction, Abba really understood POP.

Abba-'The Visitors.' mp3

Buy The Visitors here


Elizabeth said...

yep, you're right. beautiful :) i'm going go buy this cd.

Colin said...


It's *wonderful* to see some deep-felt-blog-love going out to TBS, a band who have a special little place not just in my broken-dreams heart but also a special all-to-themselves place on my CD shelves.

Thank-you Ed. Hero!

Ed said...

Wow! Flattery indeed from the two blogs that I mentioned as really understanding and knowing about twee.



Elizabeth said...

Hi Ed, truly love a bit of Abba, and I don't care one bit who knows.

Have you heard this, though? It's a Camera Obscura cover...

Super Trouper.

Happy cheers.

Ed said...

Cheers, elizabeth, see the post above!

JC said...

This was something completely new to me. It's really lovely stuff - especially the Abba on The Jukebox track.

But is it really fair to file it under 'twee'?? I can hear a bit of alt-country in there.......

Ed said...

Are the two mutually exclusive?! You are right though, JC, there is a bit of alt-country in there too.

Had a colleague at work come up to me and tell me how much this song meant to him too, so I guess I wasn't so alone that night...


Davy H said...

You and Colin will be pleased to hear that, between you, you are turning me into quite a fan of Mr Wratten's music, in all its many manifestations...Good stuff Ed.

Have linked to you (not sure what took me this long).

Ed said...

Thank you -will make sure I link to you too!