Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swimmer One

Hi there,
first of all, sorry to anyone who tried to download the echo and the Bunnymen mp3s unsuccessfully. No idea what was happening there, but anyway...

Here are the first two lead tracks of the two eps (so far) by Edinburgh's Swimmer One. they should have an album out sometime this year, and of you like this, they also have more music over at their MySpace and Website

Swimmer One-'We Just Make Music For Ourselves.' mp3

Swimmer One-'Come On, Let's Go!' mp3

As always, if you like what you hear, please go and buy the singles, either from their website or your local shop (record shop that is, not greengrocer).


Colin said...

Hmmm. That album has been forthcoming for years now, just about. A bit like the La's debut album. Always 'forthcoming' (and then it arrived, of course, and was utterly brilliant!). I hope the Swimmer One album does the same as the La's one and lives up to the obvious potential they have. PS, their cover of 'Cloudbusting' is one of my favourite cover versions of all time! It was posted over at my place a wee while ago). Keep swimming.

Ed said...

Love that cover of Cloudbusting too, definitely up there with the Placebo and Futureheads ones that seem to get more coverage. Plus I love Kate Bush anyway!

Hope that album comes out soon...