Saturday, June 16, 2007

More about Matthew Wratten

It's always nice to get feedback on this blog, and it's also always nice when you get a lot of feedback, particularly about something you might not expect to.

So, cheers for all those who wrote in about the Trembling Blue Stars post. And here, a humble offering. I only own two tracks from Matthew Wratten's previous band, the Field Mice, but I thought I would share these with you, as well as a Saint Etienne cover.

The Field Mice -'Landmark.' mp3

The Field Mice-'Let's Kiss And Make Up.' mp3

Saint Etienne-'Let's Kiss And make Up.' mp3

Buy Field Mice records here

Buy Trembling Blue Stars records here

Buy Saint Etienne records here

Have a good weekend, Ed


Toby said...


or was that a joke i didnt get??

Colin said...

[stunned silence]

Two tracks.



What is going on over Auld Reekie way?

Get straight out to your local greengrocers (young man!) and buy all Field Mouse type albums.

Robert demands it and your life will change for the better instantly, that's a promise!


Ed said...

Toby-I'm exhausted and can't read. It is Robert, but the wish is still to promote the man's music and well intentioned.

Colini-hey, I never claimed I was an authority, but will get some more stuff as soon as...


Anonymous said...

I have been missing out... The Field Mice were presented to me by Colin to me and I have not been the same. Well maybe somewhat the same, but maybe just better?

Thanks for the post!

Ed said...

Glad you enjoyed it Juan. Colin has clearly been on a mission to promote the music, and all respect due!