Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Pornographers-or how I'm a Johnny-come-lately!

17 Seconds is kicking itself. On Sunday Morning, I went over to Song, By Toad to download his podcast, which is pretty damn good. I was blown away by the track 'New Romantic' by the New Pornographers and set about trying to find as much as I could legally.

For anyone who is even more of a Johnny-Come-Lately than me, they are an 'indie-supergroup' based in Chicago, and amongst their number are Neko Case and A.C.Newman, who I had heard of, but not really heard.

Their new album is called Challengers and will be out in August, from where 'My Rights Versus yours' comes from.

New Pornographers-'My Rights Versus Yours.' mp3

New Pornographers-'The Laws have Changed.' mp3

New Pornographers-'Mass Romantic.' mp3

New Pornographers-'Twin Cinema.' mp3

New Pornographers-'Use It.' mp3

And some of the solo stuff:

Neko Case-'Star Witness.' mp3

Neko Case-'If You Knew.' mp3

A.C. Newman-'Miracle Drug.' mp3

A.C. Newman-'Drink To me.' mp3

Official New Pornographers website here

These will be up for one week only. If yopu like what you hear, go investigate, either at Amazon or a local independent record shop.


Anonymous said...

I also enjoy the new pornographers! Their first album is a put the top down and drive experience and their second is a little mellower.
However, aren't they Canadian (the canadian super group as they are called)? They hail from 3 hours north of me in Vancouver, BC... I think.
I still have not sampled the songs you left, but I will...


The Shy Retirer said...


Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I think i've even posted in between, just like to say thanks for the kind words on devil-tips!

An ex-girlfriend of mine was a massive New Pornographers fan and ever since then i've been completely put off them. I just can't listen to them at all. Same goes for Neko Case. I'm sure it's a terrible shame, I even caught a bit of them last time they came through Glasgow, Mates of State were co-headlining but me and my pals decided the pub was a better idea than sitting through the entire NP set.

Oh and I grabbed some tracks by Thrushes off you a couple weeks ago (christ, I never realised I was that bad at getting back to folk) and they were brilliant, could you recommend an album?

I really like your blog, i'm gonna stick you in my wee... blogs I like bit.



Anonymous said...

Mass Romantic was on an Uncut CD at one point and I eventually got round to getting the same titled LP. It's pretty good but I've never managed to follow up on that. Yet!


Matthew said...

That Uncut CD was the first I'd heard of them as well. Never clicked with the album it was off, but that was years ago so maybe worth another go.

Ed said...

Juan-sorry misread the biography bit on iTunes, case was based in Chicago for a bit.

Shy retirer-good to see you here! have added you to my blogs I like,too

Mike and matthew-Only feel like I discovered the band in the last week, so haven't got any of their stuff yet, but Iwill