Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sugarcubes re-post

I received feedback from an American reader today asking me if I could re-post the Sugarcubes tracks I had posted a few weeks ago, so here they are, bjork and her merry men (and woman):

Sugarcubes -'Birthday.' mp3 [the original version, 1987's Festive Fifty no.1)

The remixes from 1988, with the aid of Jim and William Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain:

Sugarcubes -'Birthday (Christmas Eve).' mp3

Sugarcubes -'Birthday (Christmas Day).' mp3

Sugarcubes -'Birthday (christmas present).' mp3

Sugarcubes -'Petrol (live).' mp3

And a few extras:

First up, the original Icelandic version of 'Birthday.'

Sugarcubes -'Birthday (Icelandic).' mp3

A track, originally the b-side to the UK single of Birthday:

Sugarcubes -'Cat.' mp3

And finally, as Jeremy had politely asked for it, the 1982 Festive Fifty no.5:

Tears For Fears -'Mad World.' mp3 (Mrs. 17 Seconds says she prefers this to the Gary Jules version, and I think she's right).

As for other people who've emailed asking for reposts, please hold on, I'll try and get there ASAP.

In other news, I interviewed Foxface today, so will try and post that here soon.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I'd forgotten that TFF made the '82 F50. It shows how musically eclectic '81 / '82 / '83 was, without the indie ghettoisation that happened later.

So why didn't 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' make the '85 F50 then ...? :-D

cheers, Craig

Ed said...

I think the indie ghettoisation definitely got worse later, though whether that was due to the fact that some of the 'pop' from the mid eighties was blander than the early eighties might have something to do with it.

BTW, am doing a post on the C86 tape which will be posted here in its entirety later, once media fire has finished the maintenance work...


Anonymous said...

True, 81 / 82 was when you had the likes of ABC, the Ants, the League, Simple Minds, Orange Juice, Associates etc etc making the jump from the margins to the mainstream.

I can heartily recommend Rip It Up by Simon Reynolds, it's a corking read even if he is up Green Gartside's arse for far too many pages.

cheers, Craig

Ed said...

...and I think many of these bands are what people think of when they think of the 'good' stuff, I would also add Heaven 17 and Ultravox to that list, though Spandau were always dire.

I have read the Simon Reynolds book and it is very good indeed. I quite enjoyed the Scritti Politti/Green Gartside's bits, though, as a big fan. Scritti quite consciously turned their back on the 'indie' scene, but there's an intelligence there, even in the poppiest stuff.

Of course, some of the bands then made fairly awful mainstream records -heaven 17's 'we don't need this fascist groove thing' was excellent, but 'live with me' was awful! I have a lot of time for Simple Minds' early stuff, but by the end of the decade they had really become bloated sounding. Human League had some great later moments 'Human' for example, but some utter cheese as well.