Saturday, February 02, 2008

More great stuff for 2008 - more new acts!

OK, maybe I should qualify that by saying that the acts concerned are new to me, but anyway, maybe some of you out there haven't heard these either!

Yeasayer -'2080.' mp3

Times New Viking -'Dropout.' mp3

Ready Aim Fire -'So Fine.' mp3

Ida -'Lovers Prayers.' mp3

Dub Trio -'Bay vs. Leonard.' mp3

Black Mountain -'Tyrants.' mp3

Hope you like what you hear, and if you do, please leave feedback!

Have a good weekend, Ed


eyevocal said...

Both the Ida and Black Mountain links need to be fixed.

Ed said...

Thanks for letting me know, have now fixed them.


Anonymous said...

great picks, times new viking's dropout is especially cool.