Friday, February 15, 2008

D'ye ken John Peel with his coat so grey?

John Peel in 1976

OK, slightly rubbish heading but I'm running out of funny original titles.

Anyway, it's been a few days since I did a post resting on John Peel's Festive Fifties, so here we go:

In recent years, it is increasingly being considered that John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten)'s post Sex Pistols band, Public Image Ltd (PiL) may, in fact, have been far more groundbreaking than the Sex Pistols. No kidding.

Public Image Ltd.- 'Public Image.' mp3 (1978 Festive Fifty no.9, 1979 Festive Fifty no.9, 1980 Festive Fifty no.11, 1981 Festive Fifty no.26, 1982 All-time Festive Fifty no.20)

Famously, John Peel's favourite ever song was this, the opening lines of which are now on his gravestone:

Undertones -'Teenage Kicks.' mp3 (1978 Festive Fifty no.10, 1979 Festive Fifty no.2, 1980 Festive Fifty no.7, 1981 Festive Fifty no.6, 1982 Alltime Festive fifty no.8, Millennium no.2)

There seems to be a bit of a link between teaching and rock'n'roll, despite the fact that the two might seem to be diametrically opposed. Step forward, in this case, Gordon MacIntyre and Katie Griffiths from Ballboy.

Ballboy -'All The Records On the Radio Are Shite.' mp3 (2002 Festive Fifty no.10)

There have been a number of cover versions making the Festive Fifty over the years, including this one (a fair bit of 'goth' made it onto the FF over the years):

Bauhaus -'Ziggy Stardust.' mp3 (1982 Festive Fifty no.14)

...and despite the accusations, it wasn't all white boys with guitars in the Festive fifty over the years either

Broadcast -'Echoes Answer.' mp3 (1999 Festive Fifty no.36)

Though some of those white boys with guitars did make some excellent records, though:

Pavement -'Range Life.' mp3 (1994 Festive Fifty no.14)

'At least once a week I drive a nail through my foot for not seeing them while I had the chance' said Peel of Big Black. Maybe I'm just afraid of pain. Main man Steve Albini went on to produce Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Low and the Wedding Present.

Big Black -'Colombian Necktie.' mp3 (1987 Festive Fifty no.18)

Finally, many thanks to Steve at Teenage Kicks for posting these, without whom I wouldn't be able to post these here:

Sabres Of Paradise -'Wilmot.' mp3 (1994 Festive Fifty no.

Ministry -'Jesus Built My Hot Rod.' mp3 (1992 Festive Fifty no.3)

Very Things -'The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes.' mp3 (1984 Festive fifty no.27)

Will be more music here over the weekend. Keep it tuned, so to speak. X


Anonymous said...

Nice selection, Ed. But, OT, where's Toad gone?


So It Goes said...

That's OK, Ed: your caring sharing TK is still open for business!!!
P.S. My bloody mp3 player did a spazz and wiped all the stuff I had on it: is there any chance you could post the Emma Pollock track, 'Adrenaline', that made number one in your chart, as I never got a chance to hear it? Thanks, buddy!

Anonymous said...

best post to date, 4 of my my all time faves, undertones and public image, the very things (thanks for that, i'll keep hinting when things occur to me if that's ok), i used to pester the dj at my local alternative nightspot for this, he so got so pissed off he gave me the album so i'd stop bothering him. the ministry tune is the full on 12" mix which i once had a full white out to as i was dancing so hard (there may have been other reasons too but i'm not saying!). ah happy days at the banshee, thanks for the memories

Anonymous said...

Ah, The Very Things ... "Who is the gong man" is also excellent, one of the most macabre yet comic songs this side of Pere Ubu or The Birthday Party.

Nice one Ed :)

cheers, Craig

Ed said...

mpt -think he is having an IT disaster, from what I can see from his site

sig -will send you a link, check your mailbox very soon!

A.J. You are welcome as ever, and remember to keep checking Teenage kicks as i get a lot of stuff -to sample of course!- from there

Craig -hadn;t heard them at all until the past month, but they are fantastic.


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say I love your blog and thanks for expanding my musical horizons :-)

And thanks for posting Wilmot - totally forgot how much I loved the Sabres (!)


Ed said...

You're welcome 'R' if I'm expanding people's musical horizons then I must be starting to achieve my goal with this blog.