Thursday, February 21, 2008

Presenting...Wake The President

Wake The President are a top notch band from Glasgow who released two fantastic 7"s in 2007. I saw them supporting Emma Pollock in December and was blown away. I spoke to them after the gig and they said they were happy for me to post their music on my blog so I hope that still stands!

They have released two excellent singles so far, which hint at Belle and Sebastian, but owe far more to the likes of Orange Juice, Arab Strap and Josef K.

See what you think:

7" #1:

Wake The President -'Mail Alice.' mp3

Wake The President -'Sorrows For Clothes.' mp3

7" #2:

Wake The President -'Remember Fun?' mp3

Wake the president -'I'm Sorry.' mp3

If you like the tracks - and i can't see why you wouldn't, please support the band in any way you can.


Huge Grunt said...

Cheers Ed, enjoyed those singles. "Mail Alice" is the stand out track for me. The guitar sound is definitely reminiscent of early Orange Juice.

Ed said...

Glad you enjoyed them -hopefully there will be more form them this year.


Chris said...

Hi Ed...also enjoyed the tracks. Have posted them in my sidebar as the featured blog post. Hope they enjoy much success.

Bynar said...

Thanks a lot for the ace tunes Ed, they do remind me of Belle & Sebastian... Oh, I've missed that accent and auld Edinburgh in general... Anyway, I hope you won't mind if I add a link to your blog in mine.

Greetings from Greece,


Ed said...

Thank you Chris, very flattered!

Thank you Bynar will add a link too.

Glad these guys are proving a hit.


Huge Grunt said...

I'm supporting them, I've now bought their two singles from Norman Records :)

Ed said...

Excellent! Proof, I think that the internet can help record sales not detract from them.

Hope you treasure them, Ed

Anonymous said...

Good choice indeed Ed, mighty fine music, and the first time I've heard them. Reminded me a little of The Orchids too.

We're having an elephant 6 week next week in this musical desert that is north-west Italy. (just in case you want to contribute :D)

Cheers again
La Squadra

Ed said...

Oooh...I could be persuaded : ))


Ed said...

...Oh and if you want to help spread the word, this was sent to their friends on MySpace:
Hi Folks.

We had a bit of a surprise tonight to find out that we're up for single of the week on Maconie & Radcliffe's Radio 2 show for our forthcoming new single 'You can't change that Boy' which is out on Monday 7th of April. We'd be so grateful if you could vote for us! Here's the details -

Email to - with the email headed....

Wake the President - You can't change that Boy

The votes close at Noon on Monday. Let me know if you voted :)

Much love,
Bjorn x