Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where have I been?

Where have I been? How come Bat For Lashes have barely registered on my radar until the last few days? God knows. Anyway...these are beautiful gorgeous songs that I am happy to welcome into my life.

Very brief post today as am stresses up to the eyeballs with way, way to much to do, and in desperate need of sleep. But I think these songs will be trying to keep me sane.


Bat For Lashes - 'What's a Girl To Do?' mp3

Bat For Lashes - 'Prescilla.' mp3

Bat For Lashes - 'Sarah.' mp3


So It Goes said...

Oh lord...when i read your blog entry, the smell of hyperbole was in the air. How wrong I was. Beautiful music. I must go and get a copy. Soon. Thanks, Ed.

Ed said...

See?! You can trust 17 Seconds.

And as last week's Hard-Fi review proved, I don't rave about everything I hear!

Anonymous said...

Natasha is a fantastic singer. Fur & Gold one of the best debut albums of all time

Ed said...

I'm coming to agree with that opinion, or rather, both of them.

Cannot believe I only just picked up on them.



Dan said...

Never heard of this CD, but I definitely like what I heard. Can't wait to listen to the whole thing.

So It Goes said...

Got the album yesterday. Ed, thank you once again. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Ed said...

Sounds like two very satisfied readers. my work is starting to get done... : )