Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some Covers For Saturday Part III

Some cover versions, seeing as it's a Saturday, then?

First up, riffling through some CD singles reminded me of how much I loved Gene when I was twenty and how many cover versions they did at the time...

Gene -'The Ship Song (Nick Cave cover).' mp3

Gene -'Nightswimming (REM cover).' mp3

Gene -'Wastleland (The Jam cover).' mp3

A Scots indie classic:

Paul Quinn and Edwyn Collins -'Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover).' mp3

I wonder if sticking anything U2-related will send my Bandwith mental yet again...

Johnny Cash -'One (U2 cover).' mp3

One day i will have a big Alex Chilton fest here. Till then...

This Mortal Coil -'I Am The Cosmos (Chris Bell cover).' mp3

Former Pixies frontman launches solo career with cover:

Frank Black -'Hang Onto Your Ego (Beach Boys cover).' mp3

And more Jam related stuff:

Buffalo Tom -'Going Underground (The Jam cover).' mp3

I've posted this before, but it does rock...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -'The Hardest Button To Button (Live )(White Stripes cover).' mp3

This one can turn two very different perceptions on their heads...

Arab Strap -'You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC cover).' mp3

This will be up for one week only, enjoy!



Ms Alex said...

Hey, saw the mention of 17 Seconds in The Guardian's Guide today. Way to go!

Ed said...

Excellent news indeed, if anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know...


Matthew said...

Here's the internet version.

Can you believe I never knew Wasteland was a Jam cover. I loved that Gene version when it came out. Their b-sides often exceeded their albums actually.

Ed said...

Thanks for the link, matthew.

The early gene stuff was excellent. The 'To see the Lights' compilation' was definitely equal to 'Hatful Of Hollow' in terms of the quality of session tracks, live versions and covers etc..


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the REM cover, good call! Also impressed to find the link on Hypem- hope that you're well rOb

Ed said...

You're welcome, hope you are both well, Ed